Under Construction

Okay friends, I had a diep flap procedure done about a week ago.   If you have no idea what that is click the link.  In a nutshell, the surgeon cuts out a chunk of my stomach and uses it to make two breasts, then cinches up my stomach, slaps in some drains, and takes a lunch break. Easy peasy! (It was like a 6 ½ hour surgery)


I’m sorry I have no videos of hilarious rants while drugged up, apparently, I stay fairly coherent until I’m fully under.  I am not going to lie after fasting the night prior, when I was informed after my surgery that I couldn’t have any real food, I totally cried.

nenehungryfreaking hungry

Once again, my mom spent Mother’s Day caring for her grown child.  Y’all I am so lucky to have her. She swooped in and took care of everything.  Poor Yuri, I won’t be able to lift her for at least 6 weeks, so she is a little peeved with me.  I thankfully got to go home from the hospital on Mother’s Day, and could enjoy sharing the holiday with my family.

miss piggy surgery

With new lady lumps on my chest and a hip to hip suture, moving and walking are… interesting.  I can’t lie completely flat or stand straight up so I look a little like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  After a few days of walking hunched over my back muscles were screaming for sanctuary.  I’ve got four drains hanging from me, drains are the worst. The. Worst. I am healing fine as far as I can tell.  I am already stir crazy and it is hard to be limited in my movements.

I can’t really get the full picture, since there is still swelling and lots of bandages.  Overall, I am pleased, I didn’t have a serious pooch so they’re probably the smallest they’ve ever been.  It’s strange that even after having breasts for half my life, it seems so odd to have them now.   I will have a follow up on Tuesday to see how everything is going and hopefully be cleared to do a little more.

P.S. Check out the new “Shop” tab.

(There are no before and after pictures, sorry to disappoint. I can’t have all my business out there on the internets.)

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