April Showers


I have been away; it’s been a crazy busy month.   I was blessed with two wonderful baby showers from my co-workers and my church family, and I was so humbled by the love and generosity so many showed lil’ bit and I.   Both showers were just in time, as my specialist OB, after talking to my oncologist, my primary OB, and myself; decided that inducing me at 37 weeks was the route to take.  The consensus was that I was healthy, baby girl is healthy and growing beautifully, and in all honesty, she would most likely come within the 37-38-week time frame on her own.

I havd mixed feelings about the plan, the type A planner in me is glad that I had a date and could arrange pickups for the kids and my parents would be able to make it etc.  Then again, I’ve never been induced.  Of course, I’ve heard people talk about the extended length and increased pain with labor when induced.  Uhm, I don’t feel contractions until after my water breaks and the last labor lasted 2 hours and some change.   I was hoping to hit a PR with this one and get it knocked out in a couple of hours.

that fast

Oh, and just to be clear this induction is happening on the 19th, so… you know a few days from when I post this.

All of this has inspired a mad rush to get things done around the house.  My hospital bag is packed, my labor and delivery playlist is saved on spotify,  and I’m just waiting for Dave to install the car seat. He keeps telling me, “I’m going to do that this weekend”, but apparently “this weekend” has various interpretations.  Naturally when you’ve got a few things on your plate small little disasters are bound to happen.  Enter my sweet fur baby Zhoe age 12. She sprouted two interesting cysts on her body and then if that wasn’t enough she mysteriously injured her rear leg and was a limping hot mess of drama.  I was a little distraught.  Fortunately, the vet just removed the cysts and said the leg was a combo of arthritis and a small tear and didn’t recommend surgical repair.  She’ll probably be Zhoe hop-a-long for a little while but will heal.


I also may have voluntarily agreed to work more hours at my job. To my defense, I did not know at the time, that I was increasing my hours the two weeks before the baby was going to be here.  Lucky for me I have awesome coworkers, making the long days doable.

Even with diligent prep work, there always seems like there is more to do and the time keeps slipping away.  It just seems crazy to have a set date, but I am so excited to meet this little girl, and to reach my feet, and to get rid of this heartburn!


Blessings to you all !


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